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“I only used two drops of Elixify with my foundation and my skin is hydrated throughout the evening The glow lasted from 10am until buka puasa (break fast). I’ve been using Elixify for more than 10 months and it is the best serum for my skin.”

“My 4th month with Elixify and my 7 months pregnant tummy looking more fabulous than before I was pregnant.”

“The scars on my face has reduced tremendously after 10 days of using Elixify. My skin even appears much clearer and has less pimples”

“There were rashes on my arm in the past few weeks (maybe because I’ve used the wrong product). After using Elixify twice capsule a day (1 in the morning and 1 at night), the rashes has reduced within 3 days!”

“I used Elixify for almost 6 months and there are no stretch marks on my growing itchy tummy so far! Thanks to my holy grail @_Elixify_♥.”

“saya dah guna Elixify selama hampir 7 bulan tiada tanda regangan. Beli banyak terus sebab tak rugi langsung, yg penting mesti rajin guna.”


One Capsule, Big Benefits.